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Is Nintendo Switch for You?

If you’ve been playing with your PlayStation Vita for the past couple of years, you’re probably grown fond of the handheld gaming‘s capabilities. There’s nothing quite like it. The power of the current generation console that you can carry around with you and play whenever and wherever you are.

Mobile gaming just won’t cut it. It’s just not the same, let’s face it. The games are simplified and usually meant for wider audiences consisting mostly of casual gamers or targeted at specifically younger demographics.

The PlayStation doesn’t do that. PlayStation Vita brings you all of the artistic, complex and hard-core elements and aspects of the renowned titles into your pocket. But there’s a problem. PS Vita is now already six years old. That’s pretty much ancient when it comes to technology standards, especially video games seem to be advancing even further at a rapid rate every following year


The Best Alternative

So what you do? How do you fill in the void and sate your appetite for some quality gaming on the go? The first thing that comes to mind is probably Nintendo’s latest product, Nintendo Switch. Those of you who have been playing games for a while know that PlayStation and Nintendo are aiming towards difference demographics. Nintendo always had a “family friendly” approach while PlayStation has mainly been targeted towards adults.



But Nintendo has been known to allow some pretty mature games in the past like he was the case with the Resident Evil  and Metal Gear Solid games and especially the remake versions for the GameCube, mature audience is not always going to be left out. Yes, the majority of games are going to be anime styled, colorful family friendly titles but, Skyrim in all of its maxed out glory is also there and so it’s Zelda which successfully transcends the boundaries of demographics and is equally enjoyed by both kids, adolescents and adults.

So it’s kind of a 50-50 situation here. There are going to be some good games that a PlayStation player will enjoy but, you can go on expecting to have all of the PlayStation-esqueness on the Switch.



when it comes to performance, the Switch is definitely a superior console. The age gap is too big to ignore and it is only natural that the Switch is going to have much better performance and prettier visuals. Still, it is mostly up to the game developer how well the games are going to be optimized.

Compared to Vita, Switch is larger, much more larger. It features a bigger screen and while it is 720p, it looks incredibly good thanks to a screen color calibration and you are not going to notice a big difference compared to 1080p.

It feels lightweight and it’s great that you can play games alongside your friends. This is something that PS Vita couldn’t do it unless you had two devices, one for you and your friend. If you’re into social gaming, Switch is worth getting just for this.


Of course, switch can be used as a standard console. Standard as in nonportable. We’re not going to get into this right now because we are looking at its portable and general gaming capabilities. If you are interested to hear more about the Switch, let us know and we will do a full comparison and go over each and every individual aspect that Nintendo Switch offers.

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Best way to discover new games on the PSN

PlayStation network or as it usually called, the PSN seems to always have something new for you to try and play. There are new games literally every week and it’s hard not to get interested in some of those games when they are doing such a fine job advertising them. But who has enough time to play all those games and more importantly, who has that kind of money to try all of those games and see which of them are actually good for them? It will be the best if we had something like the fabled PSN code generator so we can at least have free access to those games that we think that we might enjoy but we can’t really get to try them due to the lack of demo.

PlayStation Plus

PlayStation plus seems to be the best way to try new games and perhaps discover some new genres that you previously didn’t pay attention to. It allows for additional aspects of the games you already own like access to multiplayer skirmishes and similar. But the most important aspect of the PlayStation plus is that it awards loyalty by providing the subscribed users with the access to new games every month.

These games, they stay in your library for as long as you have an active PlayStation plus membership which you can easily purchase for a 12 month period for price of merely $60 American dollars. If you have any income whatsoever, you’re probably able to afford this and much more without really feeling the impact of it.

You get what you get

You don’t get to choose what you get and you know what, this is a good thing. This way you get to discover new games. A lot of times we would get a game that none of us would consider playing and since it’s free, hey let’s give it a chance because why not? It turned out a couple of times the sum of these games were simply brilliant.

For example, I can’t count the number of occasions in which I have personally been backed up by the Disc Jam. It’s a game that I would never personally purchase or even consider purchasing, ever. I don’t think that’s a bad game or that it looks ugly it’s just not the type of game that I like playing however, one of my friends mentioned that the game looks interesting and we should you to try. I installed it, ran it and I realized that I was having a lot of good time so we started playing Disc Jam regularly when we hang out.

And this is a great example of a new game or a new game genre discovery and how PlayStation plus can help you with it.

So yeah, next time you feel like you don’t have anything to play or that you would like to try something new, consider PlayStation plus is one of your options.



Smart Way to Shop for PlayStation Games

PlayStation network is a place full of games and it would be virtually impossible to play all of them unless you have inherited a fortune and have no need to work for the rest of your life. The chances of this ever happening are very slim at best (not trying to bum you out or anything) and eventually you will have to option for one out of two games that you want to play, at least for the time being. There are so many games and there are so many people that are viewing these games as Pokémon, like in “gotta catch em all”. While this is kind of possible to some extent while you’re younger and don’t have that much chores or work to do, growing up usually messes up with this ambition. Fortunately for you, as you grow up will start developing a more developed gaming tastes and will not wish to play every single game that may seem cool at first glance and because of that, you will be saving yourself a lot of money and time. And this is what we want to talk about, how can you minimize your expenses while simultaneously maximizing the enjoyment.



Well first of all, DO NOT buy every game you THINK is cool. Look at No Man’s Sky. This game is a perfect example of how games may not be what you want them to be. Even further, do not preorder games ever. This way you’re spending a lot of money for something that may not even be released in the end, such is the case with some early access titles that got abandoned way before they were finished. Furthermore, this way you are paying in advance for something that you don’t really know how it’s going to turn out and that way developers don’t really have any motivation to make the game better since they’ve already sold it as it is. And if you think about it, by waiting for a game to actually finish you can only see whether it’s the right thing for you or perhaps you should pass on this one, not to mention that the price can only drop as the time passes.

Second, try not to buy anything you to play “at some point in the future”. I know a lot of people who use to stock up on games during sales when their loan price, thinking that they will play it at some point. However most of those games and up collecting dust never to be played for some reason. Don’t be that guy. Think about what you want to play, think what you REALLY WANT to play next, and get it. Speaking of sales, it’s always a good idea to wait for those. During sales games are known to drop their prices up to -90% of their original value, so this should be a practice to go by future. Also, using free PSN code online generator is always a good idea if you’re a budget.

Third advice is to keep an eye out for “bundled deals”. These are the best thing that you can get when purchasing a game. In most situations you will get a bunch of games way below the price of a single title. Bundles are known to pack over 200 to 300 dollars of games in a $10 bundle! Sounds incredible, I know but it’s true. Console games are indeed not the common sight on bundle sites but certain stores like Humble Bundle are known to occasionally drop great PlayStation bundles.

Fourth way to shop smart is that, if you prefer a wide variety of game genres, consider subscribing to PlayStation plus. This way you will get new titles monthly, usually very good titles that you can enjoy for as long as you stay subscribed to the service. It is great way to discover new games and perhaps find out that you are into a genre that you never thought you would be. If you’re unsure about this, there’s a 14-day trial membership available for free so you can try it and see whether or not this is the thing for you.


And finally, value your time and money. Not everything is deserving of it no matter how tempting it may seem.





How Different is PS Vita from PSP-3000? | PS Vita Overview

Here you can find our previous post in which we went over general features of PSP-3000.

We went over the PSP-3000 specifics so let’s take a look at PlayStation Vita now.

The first thing to know about PlayStation Vita is that it’s a successor off PlayStation portable. This is a device that’s been made with the purpose of succeeding the previous generation of portable gaming devices made by Sony. If we are to be honest, PlayStation Vita is indeed a worthy successor to PSP.

When you look at and visually compare these two devices they are fairly similar yet Vita is much more compact. First thing to notice here is that for starters it has a notably bigger screen, that is 5’’ compared to PSP’s 4.3’’ so we can say with utmost certainty that this is an improvement already and when you add a resolution off 960×544 pixels it is obvious that this portable device provides the ultimate handheld gaming experience at least in terms of display. It is improvements do not stop with its display, on its rear side there’s also a multi-touch pad which provides for a completely different gaming experience. It’s CPU and GPU are also beefed-up to utilize the potential of its beautiful OLED display which does a great job at providing crystal clear and vivid image no matter what angle you’re looking at it from. Its design is also more oval compared to previous PSP devices which allows for more ergonomic handling of the device and less overall stress for the hands during extensive gaming. Perhaps the most important innovation regarding PlayStation Vita is additional analog stick which was very much needed on PSP.

Vita is also equipped with three-axis gyroscope, accelerometer as well as a digital compass. If you’re unfamiliar with the terminology, what this means is that your device itself is a kind of controller. Tilting device left and right, up or down may impact certain aspects of gameplay, depending on the game you’re playing. There is also an addition dual camera device, both front and rear which have various uses on this console. Oh, and let us not forget about stereo speakers, built in microphone and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and even mobile network connectivity supporting 3G carrier networks. In other words, this console succeeds PSP in every way, just like it should.

Speaking of games, don’t worry about falling short of those. Vita has exceptional expanding library in both retail store titles as well as PSN digital purchases. For those of you that are aware of various ways that you can obtain free PSN gift codes this information should be particularly valuable. On the other hand if you don’t know how to get them for free, feel free to check out this post on GuidesTec.

One last thing to consider is that PlayStation Vita is of course much more expensive than PSP is so, expect to pay double if not more that you would pay for a previous console depending on your location.


So there you have it. Our opinion on these two similar consoles. It’s clear that Vita is a better one but also a more expensive one. If you can afford that extra money, go for Vita as a previous PSP owner. If you never owned PSP, it’s still a very good console despite its age and you won’t make a mistake if you option to get it.



Is PS Vita Better then PSP?

PlayStation was always a popular gaming console which gained a lot of fans throughout the years for good reason. Even though they were under a lot of pressure from competing corporations like Microsoft and Nintendo, PlayStation managed to stay on top of its game and provide its consumers with great products. One of these great products was of course the PlayStation portable or PSP as its most commonly referred to. This device has been one of the most successful Sony’s systems for all the good reasons and no doubt that many have owned one of these in the past or still own one today.

The latest PSP model PSP-3000 is the last version of this portable console and it’s not to be improved any further. This is of course due to the fact that now we have PlayStation Vita. Vita is also a great thing to have, but those of you owning PlayStation portable might not feel like switching to another system just because it’s not supported anymore and there are not that many new games coming out for it. Should you go for Vita in this case or she stick with what you got? Which one is actually better console?

Let’s go over key features of both of these consoles and hopefully we can unearth an answer after all of this.


PSP-3000 is a thirty machine in PSP series. What’s different about it is that it’s lighter and slimmer than the old versions and also the fact that it has a built in microphone for online communication through Skype or similar programs, longer-lasting battery which will allow you to play consecutively up to five hours and of course a larger and slightly improved display with more vivid colors. It also allows you to stream your games directly on your television or computer monitor so you can play them on a big screen in case that it’s 4.3” LCD display is not clear enough for you.

Other than gaming it allowed for Wi-Fi connections and as we mentioned earlier, free of charge Skype calls over the Internet. The LCD screen was enhanced with antiglare technology to provide you optimal results in every light conditions like outside. This is particularly useful due to the fact that it allowed for huge amounts of data to be stored using UMT devices so you can load up your PSP with movies, TV shows and music of your choice because nothing beats watching a movie | TV show with some friends or even better, your special someone outdoors. It is also very useful as a portable media storage, online radio broadcaster, or even a movie player for big TV screens if you do not own one separately.

The possibilities and uses of PSP-3000 for many, as you may see. People have undoubtedly managed to use it in even wider functionality spectrum with all the homebrew program running capabilities and who knows what not else. But how does that compare to PS Vita?


Top Games to Play on PlayStation Vita

Speaking of PlayStation Vita the thing that you concerning the most are naturally it’s games. Thankfully there appears to be something for everyone on this unique handheld system. As with other systems there are some games that are sticking out from the crowd in are definitely more deserving of your attention and time than the others. For these reasons we’re going to list a couple of those titles that we believe should be in every PS Vita owners collection.


Little Big Planet

Well known title and a very good game definitely deserving a spot on our list. Little Big Planet is something you should definitely check out for yourself no matter what your gaming preferences are. It’s a game for everybody. From casual to hard-core gamers everybody can create something unique according to their taste and this PlayStation’s hit title. Let your creativity run wild and make your own fun for yourself and your friends in Little Big Planet.


Now this is a tricky one. This can be a typical casual pick up and play game or it can completely drive you insane with its complexity and unforgiving difficulty. Spelunky is a rogue like platform or where death really matters. Explored that’s of an ancient temple filled to the brim with various traps and vicious enemies looking to hand your life and with it your adventure, permanently. Every time you play Spelunky the game will change providing a fresh challenge and experience on every session.

Persona 4 Golden

A must-play for every jRPG fan. Persona is a distinctive anime looking slice of life jRPG experience where player choice actually matters and impacts world and with it everybody else around you. This creepy horror themed high school slice of life adventure has a very deep story and some rather challenging combat and decision-making. We focus on your exams in order to finish your school properly or will you pursue mysterious killer throughout even more mysterious “midnight channel”, in Persona 4 it’s really up to you.

Final Fantasy X

What should any PlayStation list the without Final Fantasy? This one is no exception obviously. Final Fantasy X is an extraordinary game and quite emotional story that will leave you thinking about it for a long time after you completed. Featuring classic jRPG turn-based approach to combat with open world adventuring familiar to every Final Fantasy fan, this title will undoubtedly provide you with at least 50 hours of pure gameplay and cinematic experiences. Even if you’re not into jRPG that much, this one is worth playing even just for the story.

Killzone: Mercenary

PlayStation Vita exclusive title. This game is a perfect example of what Vita is actually capable of. This fast-paced first-person shooter while very short in main story, is almost guaranteed to provide hours of mindless shooting for everybody. This is mostly due to its smooth and responsive controls and a large variety of weapons and special abilities to choose from ensuring that you will never get bored while shooting bad guys in the face for some extra buck. Definitely a title worth picking up for both FPS fans as well as those not so enthusiastic about it, you simply can’t go wrong with this one.


So there you have it, our smallest of good PlayStation Vita games deserving of your time and attention. Do you think would miss some? Do you think this list is missing a specific game? Perhaps we’ve mentioned the title and worthy of this list? Whatever you may think, let us know in the comment section below this article.

Also check out out list of TOP PSP games!




PSP Games You Have to Play!

Consoles are great and will love them. Some people love this console, some people love that one but it is actually the games that set them apart, not the consoles himself. Everything great about a video game console is its games, not its design or its features. Sure they do play a part in user experience and we generally do appreciate them, but when you add and subtract the facts, it all comes down to what games can you run on it?

Every generation of PlayStation consoles had so many great games that picking a couple of them is extremely ungrateful and unrealistic thing to do, but hell, let’s do it anyway and try to pick the very best games that defined an entire generation of gaming.

No PlayStation list is complete without a Hideo Kojima’s game and PlayStation portable is no different. For those reasons exactly let us kick off this list with none other than Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.

If you have ever played any of the metal gear games, you know exactly how good the skin be. There was not a single title in the Solid series that was bad in any possible way. Recent rise in popularity due to its final chapter which was The Phantom Pain introduced many newcomers to this series and has widened its fan base more than ever before. If you have played and liked (of course you have) The Phantom Pain or any other metal gear game before, this is a must play for you and for anybody else who never played any MGS titles this is also a must play for you too. Simple as that.

Moving on to something not as simple to maintain the balance. That leads us to CRUSH…


Crush is not a simple game by any means, no. This game is in fact so complex that it can even be explained simply or compared to a game. In this game you are to transit from three-dimensional to two-dimensional world based on your perspective and manipulate space in order to progress the game and reach your goal. Did that make any sense? Best thing you can do a search for gameplay online and see what it’s all about, words can’t really do a good job at describing this one but, do trust us when we say that this is a very good game even if it’s a complex one.

So far we had a political sci-fi military stealth action espionage story driven third person game and a half 2-D half 3-D adventure game where clapping your hands makes the world collapse or expand at your leisure. Let’s complete this list with a simple brawler, okay? Oh, sorry we wrote simple and we meant rather weird and complex RPG brawler where contenders fly for most of the time hitting each other with magic and who knows what else. We’re talking about Final Fantasy Dissidia, of course.

In our opinion, this is the very best game on the entire PSP console. Why? Simple really, while the previously mentioned games are both very good, they can kind of be compared to some other video. Final Fantasy Dissidia is truly a one-of-a-kind brawler. First off the game is an RPG yet it plays as chaotically fast third person fighting game. What’s even weirder is that your characters are probably going to spend most of their times midair throwing spectacular attacks at one another that will not even chip off their health. Yes, we know it sounds strange, and that’s the whole point of it. Don’t get us wrong, this game is not first on our list just because it’s strange and unorthodox, absolutely not. This game is fantastic by every means you may expect to spend anywhere from 200 to 1200 hours playing this one.

Note that the trailer is NOT for the actual game on PSP. We just thought that this one shows better what the game is all about even if the original Dissidia was a better game.

Every character has his own story and its own unique way of fighting. It’s not like other brawler games where all comes down to different fighting styles, playing different character in Final Fantasy Dissidia feels like playing entirely different game. The eighty here was to pick up the protagonists and antagonists from every Final Fantasy game ever made and put them up against each other in this… Sorry, we can’t actually say what it is without spoiling a great deal to you, so you’ll just have to play yourself and find out where they are. But the thing is, based on how the game that the character starred in played, that is pretty much how that character is going to behave in Dissidia. So for example in Final Fantasy XIII Lightning and the gang acted on paradigm system so that’s how Lightning is going to play in this game, switching from one role to another as the situation requires while Firion, a master of every possible weapons is going to focus on a play style that incorporates using as many different witnesses possible for most efficient result.

We could go on and on talking about this particular game, but we want. Once you to try out for yourself and experience just how good it is in your own way. Don’t disregard this list easily, give these games a try even if they don’t look like something you would normally pick up and play.


Note: If no longer own a functional PSP, you may use PPSSPP to play them on your PC | Android device. More about that in this article here.




Should You Buy a PSP | PS Vita?

Are you thinking about going portable? Are you unsure whether the option is for you are not? Do you want to have a handheld console that you can carry around with you but you are unsure if PlayStation Vita is the right thing for you? Will the best answer is that you should try it before you buy it. Of course this is not always possible and if you have the option to do so yourself you probably wouldn’t be asking the question in the first place, right?

Luckily for you there is a way for you to sample some of PlayStation’s ports hobble gaming experience, to some extent at least. If you have a decent PC at home, and by decent we mean a really affordable machine ranging around $350 USD, there is a way you can get some insight about what PSP gaming is all about and what’s it like. Owning a medium-end Android device is even better for you. Unfortunately if you were thinking about going straight for the Vita there is no way for you to experience that system specifically but PSP is the next best thing there is when it comes to ports hobble gaming. Given the fact that PSP is actually PS Vita’s predecessor the experience on it should be fairly similar to Vita.

Now to actually explain how you can experience PSP gaming without actually owning the console. First off, we mentioned a PC | Android device. If you thought about emulator, you were right. There is a very stable PSP emulator for PC users want to play PlayStation Portable games on their computers or smartphones | tablets. This emulator is the greatest we’ve ever seen when it comes to these things and the best thing about it is that it’s completely free to use.


Click on the image to get the emulator!

Now, naturally if you were to play on your computer that wouldn’t actually cut it because, PSP is a handheld portable console meant to be played on to go whenever you want and wherever you want, sitting nailed to a chair simply won’t work as it should. But unless you have a fairly powerful android device capable of running this emulator your PC will have to suffice.

If you do own an android smartphone or a tablet, then you are among the lucky ones. Playing PSP games on your smart phone or even better, tablet device is pretty much as close as it gets to playing an actual PSP. Now keep in mind that touchscreen commands are not exactly like buttons of a controller but, let’s be thankful that it actually exists and works pretty damn good.

Everything that’s left for you to do now is to get some PSP games, make ISO images out of them and run them on the emulator. After a couple of hours you should have a pretty clear picture of whether or not this kind of video gaming suits you as a gamer.

That being said, if you like games on PSP you will most definitely a love them on Vita which is superior to PSP in every possible way.

Some game recommendations:

  • Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep
  • Daxter
  • Valkyria Chronicles II
  • Patapon
  • GTA: Liberty City Stories
  • God of War: Chains of Olympus