Are you thinking about going portable? Are you unsure whether the option is for you are not? Do you want to have a handheld console that you can carry around with you but you are unsure if PlayStation Vita is the right thing for you? Will the best answer is that you should try it before you buy it. Of course this is not always possible and if you have the option to do so yourself you probably wouldn’t be asking the question in the first place, right?

Luckily for you there is a way for you to sample some of PlayStation’s ports hobble gaming experience, to some extent at least. If you have a decent PC at home, and by decent we mean a really affordable machine ranging around $350 USD, there is a way you can get some insight about what PSP gaming is all about and what’s it like. Owning a medium-end Android device is even better for you. Unfortunately if you were thinking about going straight for the Vita there is no way for you to experience that system specifically but PSP is the next best thing there is when it comes to ports hobble gaming. Given the fact that PSP is actually PS Vita’s predecessor the experience on it should be fairly similar to Vita.

Now to actually explain how you can experience PSP gaming without actually owning the console. First off, we mentioned a PC | Android device. If you thought about emulator, you were right. There is a very stable PSP emulator for PC users want to play PlayStation Portable games on their computers or smartphones | tablets. This emulator is the greatest we’ve ever seen when it comes to these things and the best thing about it is that it’s completely free to use.


Click on the image to get the emulator!

Now, naturally if you were to play on your computer that wouldn’t actually cut it because, PSP is a handheld portable console meant to be played on to go whenever you want and wherever you want, sitting nailed to a chair simply won’t work as it should. But unless you have a fairly powerful android device capable of running this emulator your PC will have to suffice.

If you do own an android smartphone or a tablet, then you are among the lucky ones. Playing PSP games on your smart phone or even better, tablet device is pretty much as close as it gets to playing an actual PSP. Now keep in mind that touchscreen commands are not exactly like buttons of a controller but, let’s be thankful that it actually exists and works pretty damn good.

Everything that’s left for you to do now is to get some PSP games, make ISO images out of them and run them on the emulator. After a couple of hours you should have a pretty clear picture of whether or not this kind of video gaming suits you as a gamer.

That being said, if you like games on PSP you will most definitely a love them on Vita which is superior to PSP in every possible way.

Some game recommendations:

  • Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep
  • Daxter
  • Valkyria Chronicles II
  • Patapon
  • GTA: Liberty City Stories
  • God of War: Chains of Olympus