Consoles are great and will love them. Some people love this console, some people love that one but it is actually the games that set them apart, not the consoles himself. Everything great about a video game console is its games, not its design or its features. Sure they do play a part in user experience and we generally do appreciate them, but when you add and subtract the facts, it all comes down to what games can you run on it?

Every generation of PlayStation consoles had so many great games that picking a couple of them is extremely ungrateful and unrealistic thing to do, but hell, let’s do it anyway and try to pick the very best games that defined an entire generation of gaming.

No PlayStation list is complete without a Hideo Kojima’s game and PlayStation portable is no different. For those reasons exactly let us kick off this list with none other than Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.

If you have ever played any of the metal gear games, you know exactly how good the skin be. There was not a single title in the Solid series that was bad in any possible way. Recent rise in popularity due to its final chapter which was The Phantom Pain introduced many newcomers to this series and has widened its fan base more than ever before. If you have played and liked (of course you have) The Phantom Pain or any other metal gear game before, this is a must play for you and for anybody else who never played any MGS titles this is also a must play for you too. Simple as that.

Moving on to something not as simple to maintain the balance. That leads us to CRUSH…


Crush is not a simple game by any means, no. This game is in fact so complex that it can even be explained simply or compared to a game. In this game you are to transit from three-dimensional to two-dimensional world based on your perspective and manipulate space in order to progress the game and reach your goal. Did that make any sense? Best thing you can do a search for gameplay online and see what it’s all about, words can’t really do a good job at describing this one but, do trust us when we say that this is a very good game even if it’s a complex one.

So far we had a political sci-fi military stealth action espionage story driven third person game and a half 2-D half 3-D adventure game where clapping your hands makes the world collapse or expand at your leisure. Let’s complete this list with a simple brawler, okay? Oh, sorry we wrote simple and we meant rather weird and complex RPG brawler where contenders fly for most of the time hitting each other with magic and who knows what else. We’re talking about Final Fantasy Dissidia, of course.

In our opinion, this is the very best game on the entire PSP console. Why? Simple really, while the previously mentioned games are both very good, they can kind of be compared to some other video. Final Fantasy Dissidia is truly a one-of-a-kind brawler. First off the game is an RPG yet it plays as chaotically fast third person fighting game. What’s even weirder is that your characters are probably going to spend most of their times midair throwing spectacular attacks at one another that will not even chip off their health. Yes, we know it sounds strange, and that’s the whole point of it. Don’t get us wrong, this game is not first on our list just because it’s strange and unorthodox, absolutely not. This game is fantastic by every means you may expect to spend anywhere from 200 to 1200 hours playing this one.

Note that the trailer is NOT for the actual game on PSP. We just thought that this one shows better what the game is all about even if the original Dissidia was a better game.

Every character has his own story and its own unique way of fighting. It’s not like other brawler games where all comes down to different fighting styles, playing different character in Final Fantasy Dissidia feels like playing entirely different game. The eighty here was to pick up the protagonists and antagonists from every Final Fantasy game ever made and put them up against each other in this… Sorry, we can’t actually say what it is without spoiling a great deal to you, so you’ll just have to play yourself and find out where they are. But the thing is, based on how the game that the character starred in played, that is pretty much how that character is going to behave in Dissidia. So for example in Final Fantasy XIII Lightning and the gang acted on paradigm system so that’s how Lightning is going to play in this game, switching from one role to another as the situation requires while Firion, a master of every possible weapons is going to focus on a play style that incorporates using as many different witnesses possible for most efficient result.

We could go on and on talking about this particular game, but we want. Once you to try out for yourself and experience just how good it is in your own way. Don’t disregard this list easily, give these games a try even if they don’t look like something you would normally pick up and play.


Note: If no longer own a functional PSP, you may use PPSSPP to play them on your PC | Android device. More about that in this article here.