Speaking of PlayStation Vita the thing that you concerning the most are naturally it’s games. Thankfully there appears to be something for everyone on this unique handheld system. As with other systems there are some games that are sticking out from the crowd in are definitely more deserving of your attention and time than the others. For these reasons we’re going to list a couple of those titles that we believe should be in every PS Vita owners collection.


Little Big Planet

Well known title and a very good game definitely deserving a spot on our list. Little Big Planet is something you should definitely check out for yourself no matter what your gaming preferences are. It’s a game for everybody. From casual to hard-core gamers everybody can create something unique according to their taste and this PlayStation’s hit title. Let your creativity run wild and make your own fun for yourself and your friends in Little Big Planet.


Now this is a tricky one. This can be a typical casual pick up and play game or it can completely drive you insane with its complexity and unforgiving difficulty. Spelunky is a rogue like platform or where death really matters. Explored that’s of an ancient temple filled to the brim with various traps and vicious enemies looking to hand your life and with it your adventure, permanently. Every time you play Spelunky the game will change providing a fresh challenge and experience on every session.

Persona 4 Golden

A must-play for every jRPG fan. Persona is a distinctive anime looking slice of life jRPG experience where player choice actually matters and impacts world and with it everybody else around you. This creepy horror themed high school slice of life adventure has a very deep story and some rather challenging combat and decision-making. We focus on your exams in order to finish your school properly or will you pursue mysterious killer throughout even more mysterious “midnight channel”, in Persona 4 it’s really up to you.

Final Fantasy X

What should any PlayStation list the without Final Fantasy? This one is no exception obviously. Final Fantasy X is an extraordinary game and quite emotional story that will leave you thinking about it for a long time after you completed. Featuring classic jRPG turn-based approach to combat with open world adventuring familiar to every Final Fantasy fan, this title will undoubtedly provide you with at least 50 hours of pure gameplay and cinematic experiences. Even if you’re not into jRPG that much, this one is worth playing even just for the story.

Killzone: Mercenary

PlayStation Vita exclusive title. This game is a perfect example of what Vita is actually capable of. This fast-paced first-person shooter while very short in main story, is almost guaranteed to provide hours of mindless shooting for everybody. This is mostly due to its smooth and responsive controls and a large variety of weapons and special abilities to choose from ensuring that you will never get bored while shooting bad guys in the face for some extra buck. Definitely a title worth picking up for both FPS fans as well as those not so enthusiastic about it, you simply can’t go wrong with this one.


So there you have it, our smallest of good PlayStation Vita games deserving of your time and attention. Do you think would miss some? Do you think this list is missing a specific game? Perhaps we’ve mentioned the title and worthy of this list? Whatever you may think, let us know in the comment section below this article.

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