PlayStation was always a popular gaming console which gained a lot of fans throughout the years for good reason. Even though they were under a lot of pressure from competing corporations like Microsoft and Nintendo, PlayStation managed to stay on top of its game and provide its consumers with great products. One of these great products was of course the PlayStation portable or PSP as its most commonly referred to. This device has been one of the most successful Sony’s systems for all the good reasons and no doubt that many have owned one of these in the past or still own one today.

The latest PSP model PSP-3000 is the last version of this portable console and it’s not to be improved any further. This is of course due to the fact that now we have PlayStation Vita. Vita is also a great thing to have, but those of you owning PlayStation portable might not feel like switching to another system just because it’s not supported anymore and there are not that many new games coming out for it. Should you go for Vita in this case or she stick with what you got? Which one is actually better console?

Let’s go over key features of both of these consoles and hopefully we can unearth an answer after all of this.


PSP-3000 is a thirty machine in PSP series. What’s different about it is that it’s lighter and slimmer than the old versions and also the fact that it has a built in microphone for online communication through Skype or similar programs, longer-lasting battery which will allow you to play consecutively up to five hours and of course a larger and slightly improved display with more vivid colors. It also allows you to stream your games directly on your television or computer monitor so you can play them on a big screen in case that it’s 4.3” LCD display is not clear enough for you.

Other than gaming it allowed for Wi-Fi connections and as we mentioned earlier, free of charge Skype calls over the Internet. The LCD screen was enhanced with antiglare technology to provide you optimal results in every light conditions like outside. This is particularly useful due to the fact that it allowed for huge amounts of data to be stored using UMT devices so you can load up your PSP with movies, TV shows and music of your choice because nothing beats watching a movie | TV show with some friends or even better, your special someone outdoors. It is also very useful as a portable media storage, online radio broadcaster, or even a movie player for big TV screens if you do not own one separately.

The possibilities and uses of PSP-3000 for many, as you may see. People have undoubtedly managed to use it in even wider functionality spectrum with all the homebrew program running capabilities and who knows what not else. But how does that compare to PS Vita?