Here you can find our previous post in which we went over general features of PSP-3000.

We went over the PSP-3000 specifics so let’s take a look at PlayStation Vita now.

The first thing to know about PlayStation Vita is that it’s a successor off PlayStation portable. This is a device that’s been made with the purpose of succeeding the previous generation of portable gaming devices made by Sony. If we are to be honest, PlayStation Vita is indeed a worthy successor to PSP.

When you look at and visually compare these two devices they are fairly similar yet Vita is much more compact. First thing to notice here is that for starters it has a notably bigger screen, that is 5’’ compared to PSP’s 4.3’’ so we can say with utmost certainty that this is an improvement already and when you add a resolution off 960×544 pixels it is obvious that this portable device provides the ultimate handheld gaming experience at least in terms of display. It is improvements do not stop with its display, on its rear side there’s also a multi-touch pad which provides for a completely different gaming experience. It’s CPU and GPU are also beefed-up to utilize the potential of its beautiful OLED display which does a great job at providing crystal clear and vivid image no matter what angle you’re looking at it from. Its design is also more oval compared to previous PSP devices which allows for more ergonomic handling of the device and less overall stress for the hands during extensive gaming. Perhaps the most important innovation regarding PlayStation Vita is additional analog stick which was very much needed on PSP.

Vita is also equipped with three-axis gyroscope, accelerometer as well as a digital compass. If you’re unfamiliar with the terminology, what this means is that your device itself is a kind of controller. Tilting device left and right, up or down may impact certain aspects of gameplay, depending on the game you’re playing. There is also an addition dual camera device, both front and rear which have various uses on this console. Oh, and let us not forget about stereo speakers, built in microphone and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and even mobile network connectivity supporting 3G carrier networks. In other words, this console succeeds PSP in every way, just like it should.

Speaking of games, don’t worry about falling short of those. Vita has exceptional expanding library in both retail store titles as well as PSN digital purchases. For those of you that are aware of various ways that you can obtain free PSN gift codes this information should be particularly valuable. On the other hand if you don’t know how to get them for free, feel free to check out this post on GuidesTec.

One last thing to consider is that PlayStation Vita is of course much more expensive than PSP is so, expect to pay double if not more that you would pay for a previous console depending on your location.


So there you have it. Our opinion on these two similar consoles. It’s clear that Vita is a better one but also a more expensive one. If you can afford that extra money, go for Vita as a previous PSP owner. If you never owned PSP, it’s still a very good console despite its age and you won’t make a mistake if you option to get it.