PlayStation network or as it usually called, the PSN seems to always have something new for you to try and play. There are new games literally every week and it’s hard not to get interested in some of those games when they are doing such a fine job advertising them. But who has enough time to play all those games and more importantly, who has that kind of money to try all of those games and see which of them are actually good for them? It will be the best if we had something like the fabled PSN code generator so we can at least have free access to those games that we think that we might enjoy but we can’t really get to try them due to the lack of demo.

PlayStation Plus

PlayStation plus seems to be the best way to try new games and perhaps discover some new genres that you previously didn’t pay attention to. It allows for additional aspects of the games you already own like access to multiplayer skirmishes and similar. But the most important aspect of the PlayStation plus is that it awards loyalty by providing the subscribed users with the access to new games every month.

These games, they stay in your library for as long as you have an active PlayStation plus membership which you can easily purchase for a 12 month period for price of merely $60 American dollars. If you have any income whatsoever, you’re probably able to afford this and much more without really feeling the impact of it.

You get what you get

You don’t get to choose what you get and you know what, this is a good thing. This way you get to discover new games. A lot of times we would get a game that none of us would consider playing and since it’s free, hey let’s give it a chance because why not? It turned out a couple of times the sum of these games were simply brilliant.

For example, I can’t count the number of occasions in which I have personally been backed up by the Disc Jam. It’s a game that I would never personally purchase or even consider purchasing, ever. I don’t think that’s a bad game or that it looks ugly it’s just not the type of game that I like playing however, one of my friends mentioned that the game looks interesting and we should you to try. I installed it, ran it and I realized that I was having a lot of good time so we started playing Disc Jam regularly when we hang out.

And this is a great example of a new game or a new game genre discovery and how PlayStation plus can help you with it.

So yeah, next time you feel like you don’t have anything to play or that you would like to try something new, consider PlayStation plus is one of your options.