If you’ve been playing with your PlayStation Vita for the past couple of years, you’re probably grown fond of the handheld gaming‘s capabilities. There’s nothing quite like it. The power of the current generation console that you can carry around with you and play whenever and wherever you are.

Mobile gaming just won’t cut it. It’s just not the same, let’s face it. The games are simplified and usually meant for wider audiences consisting mostly of casual gamers or targeted at specifically younger demographics.

The PlayStation doesn’t do that. PlayStation Vita brings you all of the artistic, complex and hard-core elements and aspects of the renowned titles into your pocket. But there’s a problem. PS Vita is now already six years old. That’s pretty much ancient when it comes to technology standards, especially video games seem to be advancing even further at a rapid rate every following year


The Best Alternative

So what you do? How do you fill in the void and sate your appetite for some quality gaming on the go? The first thing that comes to mind is probably Nintendo’s latest product, Nintendo Switch. Those of you who have been playing games for a while know that PlayStation and Nintendo are aiming towards difference demographics. Nintendo always had a “family friendly” approach while PlayStation has mainly been targeted towards adults.



But Nintendo has been known to allow some pretty mature games in the past like he was the case with the Resident EvilĀ  and Metal Gear Solid games and especially the remake versions for the GameCube, mature audience is not always going to be left out. Yes, the majority of games are going to be anime styled, colorful family friendly titles but, Skyrim in all of its maxed out glory is also there and so it’s Zelda which successfully transcends the boundaries of demographics and is equally enjoyed by both kids, adolescents and adults.

So it’s kind of a 50-50 situation here. There are going to be some good games that a PlayStation player will enjoy but, you can go on expecting to have all of the PlayStation-esqueness on the Switch.



when it comes to performance, the Switch is definitely a superior console. The age gap is too big to ignore and it is only natural that the Switch is going to have much better performance and prettier visuals. Still, it is mostly up to the game developer how well the games are going to be optimized.

Compared to Vita, Switch is larger, much more larger. It features a bigger screen and while it is 720p, it looks incredibly good thanks to a screen color calibration and you are not going to notice a big difference compared to 1080p.

It feels lightweight and it’s great that you can play games alongside your friends. This is something that PS Vita couldn’t do it unless you had two devices, one for you and your friend. If you’re into social gaming, Switch is worth getting just for this.


Of course, switch can be used as a standard console. Standard as in nonportable. We’re not going to get into this right now because we are looking at its portable and general gaming capabilities. If you are interested to hear more about the Switch, let us know and we will do a full comparison and go over each and every individual aspect that Nintendo Switch offers.